Dumpshock Seattle

Datalog:Jr the ganger

So, we got contacted by ADA Dana Oakes to extract a ganger by the name of Jr who was causing problems around the Seattle metroplex, and within gang politics as well by making a large play on power that the other powers… weren’t so thrilled about. She wanted him alive, but would give us half to bring in his body.

We inspected a couple of suspected “businesses” of his; one was a Joy toy parlor he was running under the guise of a deli that had a Dr. in it installing various cyber bits into a young girl at the time, and the other was a drug den. We finally got a lead on someone, that might know someone, that might know something about someone that might know Jr. His name was Torino, an ork who lived where else, but the OU. He said he “might” be able to get us in contact with Jr. IF we did a bunch of legwork for his “interests” (which to me, sounded like a protection racket). We didn’t really have any interest in that, so we “squeezed” him for some more information, and the lad broke down and admitted to being Jr. himself, but claimed he was doing good for the UO, by making things messy topside. We felt a bit, for his cause down here, but couldn’t allow him to continue with his crimes topside so we arranged to shutdown his doings, and “kill” Jr., by taking a body to Ms.Oakes with Jr.’s business papers.

On our way out, things got a little messy. There was a mass of a few dozen trolls and orks, some of which were obviously armed, some not so much, but they’re orks and trolls, so you never know. Knowing full well that we wouldn’t be able to take on that many if a full confrontation were brought to bear, i took the initiative, intending to put them all to sleep, but SOMETHING went wrong, and i ended up popping them all open.

When we got to Ms. Oakes she wasn’t particularly pleased that we only had a body for her. She went on about how she couldn’t serve “justice” for the people, and couldn’t put him on “trial”. Sounded like a bunch of smoke to me, we all know how the police, low and government treat those of us that don’t fit within their nice little pocket of “law”.

I took the next couple of weeks to rest, study a new spell, and do some research on an artifact from the early 21st century that I’d like to get my hands on.



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