Dumpshock Seattle

Datalog Mission 1

Dear Datalog,

So, i just got back from the run with my new chummers, Seems like it went fairly well. Aside from the fragger that thinks its a good idea to throw smoke grenades everywhere. Normally wouldnt bug me, except when theres drones around, cuz i cant see the fraggers astrally.

Aside from that, we rescued the babe, captured the bad guy for the coppers, made a new “friend” with the ADA, always useful to have someone who might be prosecuting you in your pocket, it is, and we found the stone too, and sold it back to the family. I wanted to know more about it, but the team just wanted to get it out of our hands.

Damn fragger and his smoke grenades. He keeps that shit up, I might find some way to get one in his pants and make smoke come out his ass.



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