Dumpshock Seattle

Second Run: Hiding in the Dark

Sometimes it's bad to be good.

Seattle. The Emerald Sprawl. It’s cold and wet, a light drizzle soaking the city to its bones. Even in augmented reality the glistening emerald green overlay of the city’s buildings seems to be soggy and miserable. It would be a great night to find a warm bar or club to relax at, or maybe just stay home and watch some trid. So of course, that’s when your commlinks beep.

You don’t recognize the number that pops up, but in your line of work that’s not unusual. Connecting the call, your vid screen shows the face of a brutish troll with massive steer-like horns looking at you.

“I got a job that might be up your alley,” the troll’s deep voice rumbles. “If you’re interested in hearing more, meet me at Reno’s on Battery and 4th in an hour.”

Detective Tosh Athack

Only days after successfully rescuing Dr. Fiona Craig and capturing Captain Jack Turner, the team finds themselves in high demand. Unfortunately that high demand seems to exclusively be from Knight Errant. When law enforcement is involved, one often finds himself a victim of his own success. A job is a job though, and it never hurts to have friends who can get you out of a bind.

[OOC]: Please respond with anything your character is doing in the few days between capturing Jack and when Tosh calls you again. How does your character respond to the call?


“Of course, omae. I will talk to you then.”

Hatamoto clears the link immediately after these words. Initiate date search Reno’s on Battery and 4th. Subroutine: Dress Code, Subroutine: Security. Time Limit: 15 minutes. Begin. (Datasearch 3d6, Hits: 3, Your text to link here…)

Second Run: Hiding in the Dark

[OOC]: _Nice use of Invisible Castle. I have never seen that site before, but I fully support its use for these segments. _

_Search results will be sent via PM. _

Second Run: Hiding in the Dark

“Eugh” Peter says as his comm rings, “a copper? again?” He answers the call, groggily, barely paying attention until he realizes who it is. “Battery and 4th… in an hour? got it, I’ll see you there.”

Honestly, he was looking forward to the work. He’d be buried head high in research, looking for artifacts from the dawn of computing to add to his collection.

Second Run: Hiding in the Dark

[OOC]: Is anyone not going to meet at the bar or doing anything specific and related beforehand? I am going to add more this evening and will assume all non-respondants will be tagging along.

Second Run: Hiding in the Dark

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