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Second Run: Assignment

Approaching the faux-adobe style exterior of Reno’s you see three kids that look to be college students trying to look tough in their combat biker leathers and cute little racing crotch-rockets, all no doubt bought by their rich fathers trying to buy their love. They glare and posture for the sorority girls hanging on their arms. While he may not have brought his own sister, Hatamoto at least managed to dress the part of a biker.

Inside the bar the faux-Aztech style continues, though the decoration is also a shrine to all things Combat Biker. Autographed pictures line the walls, beaten and scuffed helmets are mounted with pride next to photos of their owners, and along the back wall mounted on a raised platform is the Reno’s pride and joy, an actual bike once used by Reno Pyatt, owner of the bar and former member of the Seattle Timber Wolves. The dinner rush hasn’t started yet, so there’s only a handful of patrons sitting up at the bar. At a back booth, you can see the hulking troll you spoke with earlier.

Upon spotting the team, Tosh waves you over to his booth. The detective appears irritable, skipping any small talk and jumping straight into business. “Our mutual friend will be joining us via AR for the meeting,” he says curtly as he types on his AR keyboard.

Anyone perceiving AR will also see a representation of ADA Dana Oakes that perfectly matches her real world self. Once everyone is settled at the booth, detective Tosh nods to Oakes. She seems hesitant, but pushes on despite any misgivings.

“I dislike turning to those outside of the law” she says after a brief pause. “However, I find myself yet again needing the services of your kind. Crime in the Downtown district has risen considerably over the last six months. The so-called Tempo Wars that plagued our city shook up the crime syndicates, and a number of new players have risen into power. One of those has been brutally seizing as much power as possible. Prostitution rings and a massive increase in the number of drugs and dealers coming into Downtown are bad enough, but the violence between the various syndicates and gangs has skyrocketed in the last two months as a new player has attempted to wrest control from rivals. There have been at least twenty casualties so far, members of the Triad, the Yakuza, and the Seoulpa Rings. Unfortunately, this violence hasn’t been confined to the underworld. There have been more than double that number in innocent deaths.”

“Last month, two members of Detective Athack’s Special Crimes Task Force attempted to infiltrate the organization of a man known only as Junior. We found one of these men shot execution style two weeks later. The other has missed his last three scheduled check-ins, and we assume he’s dead as well. Whoever this man is, he’s smart and well connected. So we need to turn to someone outside the chain of command. Needless to say, none of us are happy about this move.”

“Thanks to your previous discretion and success, I am able to issue a temporary bounty license as well as 7,000 Nuyen each upon capture of Junior- alive,” she emphasizes. “This needs to be done carefully and cleanly. There have already been far too many civilian casualties thanks to Junior’s machinations. Should you be unable to capture him alive, I can only offer half of the original reward. The city demands justice, not blood.”

[OOC]: Sorry for the extreme delay in posting the second portion of this. Two 60 hour weeks in a row have really sapped away my free time and energy.

Please respond and negotiate in character as soon as possible. I want to try and post some more late this afternoon or this evening. After tonight, I will be unavailable (no internet) until game time.


Peter, not being much in the gang scene is hesitant to speak up. Of course, a rise in crime affects those of his profession as well, as any heat generated by so called gangers can raise the heat in his world as well.For the moment, he stays quiet, seeing the concerns any other members have first.

Second Run: Assignment

Whatevs makes a mental note that doing more than one job for KE means a trend, a negative one for someone that hates KE on principal (Prejudiced – KE Negative Quality). It was easy to let things slide the first time as interests happened to be aligned, but now the sour taste of working for them is starting to become tangible (tastes like… BACON). Whatevs chimes in: ``Success and Discretion are expensive and I`m starting to feel like a Chiuaua being carried around in a KE Purse. My credibility (life) is on the line if anyone from the Syndicates gets the same feeling about me. This is going to cost you Oakes. 7k isn`t going to cut it. I want expenses plus 10k dead, alive, or not at all. Consider it hazard pay, just being seen in this booth could get us all killed.``

Second Run: Assignment

Oakes seems put off by Whatevs’ demands. “Knight Errant and the city of Seattle appreciates the job you did capturing Turner. We have already taken that into account when considering the payment,” she says curtly. Clearly the ADA is as pleased to be dealing with runners as Whatevs is to be dealing with KE.

[OOC]: Roll your negotiation check. I liked the invisiblecastle.com service that Hatamoto used before. Don’t forget that taking a lot of money from KE can ease your hatred. Getting a raw deal (though 7k is nothing to sneeze at) can only fuel your hatred.

Second Run: Assignment

Will do. Before I roll, how about modifiers? Looking at sr4a131 I’m guessing -2 for Prejudice, then another -1 for annoying the npc for a total of 12 Dice -3 = 9. Good to go?

I would have also said +2 for blackmail or heavy bargaining chip, but that one works both ways.

Second Run: Assignment

Here’s my 9 dice roll. 3 Hits. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3165546/ Lemme know if I need to roll again.

Second Run: Assignment

Pursing her lips, Oakes replies, “I could possibly add 1,000 Nuyen each to ease your conscience.” Clearly the ADA has her own conscience to ease while dealing with these runners.

*[OOC]: Great. I was thinking that I should have modified your dicepool for the negative. I would not have given the extra -1 for annoying the NPC, only because you are annoying each other and it’s a wash. I added one more die to your roll, which worked out well.

Does anyone else have anything to add? I may be able to briefly post Sunday morning before I am away from the computer until game time.

Second Run: Assignment

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