Dumpshock Seattle

Second Run: Johnny Torinni

The Gold Mine is located at the southwest side of the Tourist Highway, not too far from the Big Rhino’s entrance. At first, it looks like a simple, natural cave entrance wedged in between a boutique shop and a booth selling “authentic” hand-crafted Cascade Ork souvenirs. The cave is dimly lit and an ancient looking, hand-lettered wooden sign that simply reads “Gold Mine” has been hung above the cave entrance. Several wooden crates and a couple scattered shovels and pickaxes add to the illusion that this is the entrance to an 18th century mine.

Pip waves to the bored looking bouncer outside the club and leads you inside the Gold Mine, and after a short, dark tunnel you emerge into a dim but high-tech and well furnished night club. A large bar dominates one end of the club, and a stage for exotic dancers dominates the other. Tables and booths are strategically placed throughout the club, and the low pulse of NeoClassic Rock pulses through the club as an attractive young ork writhes to the music on stage. You catch Pip sneaking peeks at the young woman as he leads you to a large curved couch at the back. An immaculately dressed male Italian ork with tanned olive skin sitting on the couch shoos away a pair of well-dressed young ork women as you approach.

“Welcome, welcome my friends. How do you like my club?”


Peter looks over the two orks on his arms, and some of the other females, before responding “I’ve seen worse in this line of work.”

totally ooc: Although I dont know what the hell is going on with the black chicks shoulder…

Second Run: Johnny Torinni

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