Dumpshock Seattle

sharpening the rusty stilleto

The team, lying low, is spending some down time in our favorite dive, The Rusty Stileto. While relaxing some of us notice the patrons becomming uneasy. Before we can ready ourselves, a KE SWAT team bursts into the establishment and begins to harass the patrons. While they pass us by they set their sights on an attractive looking female across the room.

The lady’s name is Kimbo. The KE goons find her SIN lacking and decide to take her into custody. Kimbo objects and attacks the closest two. She misses one but tags the other. One of the two is then taken out by another opponent. Aku stunballs two other SWAT members, who are left looking mindless and drooling.

Nimrodh, pretending to take a trip to the restroom, tries to take a shot at one of the SWAT goons and misses. The swat goon snaps off a burst that takes Nimrodh in the chest and stuns him badly.

Dieter, moving stealthily tries to flank the KE that took out Nimrodh. He tags the bum for a few hits but doesnt disable him. Dieter then calls up his van and instructs it to come to one of the exits of the bar.

Illume illuminates the last swat goon. We make our way out of the Stiletto. Dieter hacks the KE transportation and erases any footage of us, etc. We leave and make our way to Lennys.

Afterwards we begin to assess the needs for the next run. We are being hired for some wetwork with the addition of a data steal. A somewhat reclusive scientist holds some potentially explosive information. Hes located in a rather upscale part of town so this run may be more difficult than usual.



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