Dieter Maliwan



Dieter’s Drone Dice Pools:

Since there are 3 distinct states (Jumped In, Remote Control and Autonomous), I threw together this handy chart to keep track of all the dice pools.

Dieter’s Cracked Programs:

Patching Test (U 119) = Software + LOG, Interval of 1 week, and a threshold based on the degradation as a Rating in the table on U 119. Changing the interval to something like 8 hours is much more reasonable.

Below I have outlined a basic patching schedule. The Hacking program degrades 1/month. The Autosofts degrade 1/2 months. This schedule would be 24 hours per month of patching. That’s reasonable.

Even Month
Clearsight (Autosoft) Threshold = 2
Electronic Warfare (Autosoft) Threshold = 2
ECCM (Hacking) Threshold = 2

Odd Month
Defense (Autosoft) Threshold = 2
Targeting (MMG) (Autosoft) Threshold = 2
ECCM (Hacking) Threshold = 2


Dieter Maliwan

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