Street Name: Tomb
Name: Richard Taylor
Karma: 0
Age: 37
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Composure: 8
Judge Intentions: 6
Life/Carry: 7 (45kg/30kg)
Memory: 14
Nuyen: Haven’t rolled yet

== Attributes ==
Bod: 4
Agi: 1
Rea: 3
Str: 3
Cha: 2
Int: 4
Log: 5 (8)
Mag: 4

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 5.3
Iniative: 7
IP: 1
Astral Initiative: 8
Astral IP: 3
Matrix Initiative: 7
Matrix IP: 1
Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 11

== Active Skills ==

Assensing: 2
Binding: 3
Counterspelling: 2
Etiquette: 1
First Aid: 2
Perception: 1
Spellcasting: 6 (Combat)
Summoning: 3
Ritual Spellcasting: 1

== Knowledge Skills ==
Arabic: 5
English: N/A
Japanese: 3
Latin: 4
Turkish: 4
Magical Theory: 5
Merecnary Companies: 4
Security Design: 2

== Contacts(C/L) ==
Harrison(2/1):Street Doc
Morris (2/2): Fixer
Riveln (2,2): Talismonger

== Qualities ==
Allergry(Common, Mild) (Latex)
Distinctive Style(5 pts)
Flashbacks (Uncommon)
Mentor Spirit(Shark): +2 to water spirits, +2 to combat spells
Poor Self Control(Combat Monster)
Restricted Gear(2 pieces)
Senstive Neural Structure

== Spells ==
Acid Stream(Limited): DV: (F/2) +3
Boom(Limited): DV:(F/2) +3
Clairvoynace: DV: (F/2) -1
Improved Invisiblity: DV:(F/2) +1
Increase Reflexes: DV: (F/2) +2
Influnce: DV:(F/2) +1
Levitate: DV:(F/2) +1
Stunball: DV:(F/2) +1
Physical Barrier(Limited): DV:(F/2) +3
Toxic Wave(Limited): DV:(F/2) +5
Stunbolt: DV: (F/2) -1
Trid Phantasm: DV:(F/2) +3

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Cerebral Booster Rating 3
Enhanced Protein Exchange, Daredrenaline

== Armor(B/I) ==
Form-Fittinb Full-Body Suit(8/6)
-SecureTech Forearm Guards
-SecureTech Leg and Arm Casings
-SecureTech Shin Guards
-SecureTech Vitals Protectors
Leather Duster(3/3)
-Gel Packs

== Commlink(R, S, SY, F) ==
Erika Elite(3, 4, 3, 4)
-Suite: Bacis+(Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 3)
-Novatech Navi

== Gear ==
AR Gloves
Certified Credstickx3
Combat Fetish
Contact Lenses Rating 3
-Image Link
-Flare Compensation
-Low Light
Earbuds Rating 3
-Audio Ench(Rating 3)
-Spatial Recognizer
Fake License(Foci/Fetishes)(Rating 4)x4
Fake Sin(Haris Khan)(Rating 4)
Glue Sprayer
Light Stickx12
Magical Lodge MAterials(Rating4)
Manipulation Fetish
Medkit(Rating 6)
Monocle(Rating 4)
+Vision Enchancement(Rating 3)
vision Magnification
Plasteel Restraintsx8
Power Focus(Bonded) Rating 4
Sustaining Focus(Health)(Bonded)Rating 3
TRanq Patch(Rating 6) x2
Trauma Patchx4
Synergist Longcoat
Synergist Slacks
Spirit Binding Materials(Force 4)x2

Bound Spirits:
Spirit of Man(Force 4) w/ Innate Spell(Stunbolt): 7 services
Spirit of Fire(Froce 4) w/ Fear: 4 services

Initiate Grade: 2
Ally Conjuration.


Description: Richard was short, dark, and no longer handsome, not that the dwarf had ever been much to look at. A series of old scars ran down the right side of his face, pale against the tanned skin, and a black silk patch covered his right eye. He always looked a little on the scruffy side, and his boots were particularly old and battered, but a keen eye would’ve noticed that they had once been of a superior quality and workmanship. His mantled leather duster was only in a slightly better condition, and even it was a tad bit frayed near the ends, where the black garment tapered off near his knees.

On the whole, he didn’t look like much. He was lean and wiry rather than muscular, and was even begining to build a bit of a stomach. He wore his dark brown hair at shoulder length, swept back from his forehead and tied back with a silver clasp in a ponytail. He had only just turned forty, but already there were thick streaks of grey in his hair and a few wrinkles here and there. At first glance, he looked like just another bravo, past his prime and going to seed. And luckily, that’s all they saw, because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bio: After serving 6 two year tours in the Middle East as part the elite combat mage cadre in the 10,000 Daggers merc company, Richard decided to retire after a tragic accident involving a grenade and his face. Several years ago, the thing wouldn’t even had gotten close to him. But at 36, Richard was getting old and slowing down. The explosion took out a chunk of his leg, and the shrapnel gouged out his eye, and cut the right side of his face ribbons. After spending 2 weeks in recovery, Richard was left with an empty eye socket and scars that covered almost the entirety of the right side of his face. Refusing the cyber-eye replacement that was guaranteed as compensation in his contract, he choose instead to wear a patch over the missing eye.

Richard hadn’t spent any of his pay from the past 12 years, the only money he ever spent were during the month or two between deployments, and then the small, monthly charge for the apartment he kept payments up on in Seattle. As such, he was able to retire rather comfortable, money wise.

He tried, he honestly did. He lasted nearly a year. But in the end, the civilian lifestyle was just not for him. He nuked shadows with manablasts, seeing movement where there was none. And while he had always been a little paranoid, it started to get out of hand when he started mind-probing the delivery boys to see whether the package was an explosive or not. Flashbacks were also a problem for him, his mind reenacting scenes from the past during the present while he lay helpless on the floor. Finally deciding that being normal was just not for him, Richard contacted a few people form the past, and dived into the shadows.


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