Dumpshock Seattle

Fortress Bellevue

Our Mark Worked and Lived in Bellevue. Fantastic. If KE didn’t get us, any one of the hundread corps operating in the area would have. Not to mention DocWagon or even the Mark himself.

Staging ahead of the run wasn’t an issue and that helped us get in. We cased the neighborhood in seperate groups and identified mundane and awakened patrols. Paul also scoured for information on the building security and hit a home run. Iron Horse security. Competant, serious and well trained, but it could have been much worse. Astral scouting by Tomb also showed little in the way of awakened security, and a drone fly-by didn’t pick up much radio traffic either.

We all went in seperately and met outside the target building. Aku and Dieter stayed outside while Paul, Zave and Tomb realized that Iron Horse employees are people with kids and mortgages. A nuyen infusion combined with some fast-talk from ‘yours truly’ got us on the elevator to the penhouse.

There’s a long line of people we won’t be hearing from again that have thought ‘I should have seen that ambush coming’. I count us as lucky not to be part of that group, but it was close. Coming off the elevator we realized the penthouse was empty, or so we thought. Dieter got his drone in to scout for the data we needed but nothing was wireless so it took a little longer than normal. In the mean time, we continued our reccy of the apartment, when we heard the elevator ‘Ding’. It was our mark. Before he put 2 and 2 together (and before we could get after him) Hatamoto poped up out of nowhere and used his sword to skewer him like a shishkabob. Goodbye 6000 Nuyen. I still don’t know where he came from, we cleared that entire apartment at least once. Either way, he wasn’t alone.

Tomb tried to subdue him with some kind of spell, but it all went pear shaped. Paul tried to shock Hatamoto into submission and got cut up in the process. Tthat was all before Hatamoto’s new running buddies joined him (also out of nowhere). One was a mage and the other looked like muscle. They were also ready for us. Tomb was cut-down by a hail of Stick-n-shock bursts and spells, and Paul managed to pop smoke and get out of dodge before the mage could finish him off. While all this was going on, two other things happened. Dieter finished the datasteal and the elevator dinged again.

It was like we all had signs on our back that said ‘Asshole. Shoot at me.’ It was SWAT, a bunch of them. Probably the same guys from the Rusty Stilleto, but I wasn’t waiting around to find out. While they opened up on Hatamoto and his new friends, I pulled Tomb to safety on the back balcony (a huge area including a swimming pool, hedges, and an 8 foot wall). Paul also made his way out onto the balcony and began climbing down the side of the building. As if things weren’t bad enough, the elevator ‘Dinged’ again. Tomb was barely conscious at that point, but he managed to get off a series of levitate spells that were able to bring us down to the street. Having retrieved the solution for the ‘Obsidian Puzzle’ and wiping the servers clean, Dieter recalled his drones and fired up the van. Tomb and I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes on the streets, so we were thankful for small miracles when Dieter picked us up.

Beat up, confused, and bleeding, we escaped ‘Fortress Bellevue’ knowing only one thing for sure: we completed half the mission objectives and could expect only half the cash from Arty. A bittersweet return for the risk, but at least we all made it.

As we headed back to the Barrens I couldn’t help but wrap my head around what happened. I could have sworn I saw Hatamoto’s group of runners fighting it out with Red Samurai before Tomb and I got out. Hatamoto I get, he was obviously trying to piggy back on our run with another group. But how did they appear out of nowhere? And Red Samurai? What were they doing there?

Cash our Nuyen and run it all up the flagpole I guess.

sharpening the rusty stilleto

The team, lying low, is spending some down time in our favorite dive, The Rusty Stileto. While relaxing some of us notice the patrons becomming uneasy. Before we can ready ourselves, a KE SWAT team bursts into the establishment and begins to harass the patrons. While they pass us by they set their sights on an attractive looking female across the room.

The lady’s name is Kimbo. The KE goons find her SIN lacking and decide to take her into custody. Kimbo objects and attacks the closest two. She misses one but tags the other. One of the two is then taken out by another opponent. Aku stunballs two other SWAT members, who are left looking mindless and drooling.

Nimrodh, pretending to take a trip to the restroom, tries to take a shot at one of the SWAT goons and misses. The swat goon snaps off a burst that takes Nimrodh in the chest and stuns him badly.

Dieter, moving stealthily tries to flank the KE that took out Nimrodh. He tags the bum for a few hits but doesnt disable him. Dieter then calls up his van and instructs it to come to one of the exits of the bar.

Illume illuminates the last swat goon. We make our way out of the Stiletto. Dieter hacks the KE transportation and erases any footage of us, etc. We leave and make our way to Lennys.

Afterwards we begin to assess the needs for the next run. We are being hired for some wetwork with the addition of a data steal. A somewhat reclusive scientist holds some potentially explosive information. Hes located in a rather upscale part of town so this run may be more difficult than usual.

Datalog:Jr the ganger

So, we got contacted by ADA Dana Oakes to extract a ganger by the name of Jr who was causing problems around the Seattle metroplex, and within gang politics as well by making a large play on power that the other powers… weren’t so thrilled about. She wanted him alive, but would give us half to bring in his body.

We inspected a couple of suspected “businesses” of his; one was a Joy toy parlor he was running under the guise of a deli that had a Dr. in it installing various cyber bits into a young girl at the time, and the other was a drug den. We finally got a lead on someone, that might know someone, that might know something about someone that might know Jr. His name was Torino, an ork who lived where else, but the OU. He said he “might” be able to get us in contact with Jr. IF we did a bunch of legwork for his “interests” (which to me, sounded like a protection racket). We didn’t really have any interest in that, so we “squeezed” him for some more information, and the lad broke down and admitted to being Jr. himself, but claimed he was doing good for the UO, by making things messy topside. We felt a bit, for his cause down here, but couldn’t allow him to continue with his crimes topside so we arranged to shutdown his doings, and “kill” Jr., by taking a body to Ms.Oakes with Jr.’s business papers.

On our way out, things got a little messy. There was a mass of a few dozen trolls and orks, some of which were obviously armed, some not so much, but they’re orks and trolls, so you never know. Knowing full well that we wouldn’t be able to take on that many if a full confrontation were brought to bear, i took the initiative, intending to put them all to sleep, but SOMETHING went wrong, and i ended up popping them all open.

When we got to Ms. Oakes she wasn’t particularly pleased that we only had a body for her. She went on about how she couldn’t serve “justice” for the people, and couldn’t put him on “trial”. Sounded like a bunch of smoke to me, we all know how the police, low and government treat those of us that don’t fit within their nice little pocket of “law”.

I took the next couple of weeks to rest, study a new spell, and do some research on an artifact from the early 21st century that I’d like to get my hands on.

Second Run: Johnny Torinni

The Gold Mine is located at the southwest side of the Tourist Highway, not too far from the Big Rhino’s entrance. At first, it looks like a simple, natural cave entrance wedged in between a boutique shop and a booth selling “authentic” hand-crafted Cascade Ork souvenirs. The cave is dimly lit and an ancient looking, hand-lettered wooden sign that simply reads “Gold Mine” has been hung above the cave entrance. Several wooden crates and a couple scattered shovels and pickaxes add to the illusion that this is the entrance to an 18th century mine.

Pip waves to the bored looking bouncer outside the club and leads you inside the Gold Mine, and after a short, dark tunnel you emerge into a dim but high-tech and well furnished night club. A large bar dominates one end of the club, and a stage for exotic dancers dominates the other. Tables and booths are strategically placed throughout the club, and the low pulse of NeoClassic Rock pulses through the club as an attractive young ork writhes to the music on stage. You catch Pip sneaking peeks at the young woman as he leads you to a large curved couch at the back. An immaculately dressed male Italian ork with tanned olive skin sitting on the couch shoos away a pair of well-dressed young ork women as you approach.

“Welcome, welcome my friends. How do you like my club?”

Second Run: Assignment

Approaching the faux-adobe style exterior of Reno’s you see three kids that look to be college students trying to look tough in their combat biker leathers and cute little racing crotch-rockets, all no doubt bought by their rich fathers trying to buy their love. They glare and posture for the sorority girls hanging on their arms. While he may not have brought his own sister, Hatamoto at least managed to dress the part of a biker.

Inside the bar the faux-Aztech style continues, though the decoration is also a shrine to all things Combat Biker. Autographed pictures line the walls, beaten and scuffed helmets are mounted with pride next to photos of their owners, and along the back wall mounted on a raised platform is the Reno’s pride and joy, an actual bike once used by Reno Pyatt, owner of the bar and former member of the Seattle Timber Wolves. The dinner rush hasn’t started yet, so there’s only a handful of patrons sitting up at the bar. At a back booth, you can see the hulking troll you spoke with earlier.

Upon spotting the team, Tosh waves you over to his booth. The detective appears irritable, skipping any small talk and jumping straight into business. “Our mutual friend will be joining us via AR for the meeting,” he says curtly as he types on his AR keyboard.

Anyone perceiving AR will also see a representation of ADA Dana Oakes that perfectly matches her real world self. Once everyone is settled at the booth, detective Tosh nods to Oakes. She seems hesitant, but pushes on despite any misgivings.

“I dislike turning to those outside of the law” she says after a brief pause. “However, I find myself yet again needing the services of your kind. Crime in the Downtown district has risen considerably over the last six months. The so-called Tempo Wars that plagued our city shook up the crime syndicates, and a number of new players have risen into power. One of those has been brutally seizing as much power as possible. Prostitution rings and a massive increase in the number of drugs and dealers coming into Downtown are bad enough, but the violence between the various syndicates and gangs has skyrocketed in the last two months as a new player has attempted to wrest control from rivals. There have been at least twenty casualties so far, members of the Triad, the Yakuza, and the Seoulpa Rings. Unfortunately, this violence hasn’t been confined to the underworld. There have been more than double that number in innocent deaths.”

“Last month, two members of Detective Athack’s Special Crimes Task Force attempted to infiltrate the organization of a man known only as Junior. We found one of these men shot execution style two weeks later. The other has missed his last three scheduled check-ins, and we assume he’s dead as well. Whoever this man is, he’s smart and well connected. So we need to turn to someone outside the chain of command. Needless to say, none of us are happy about this move.”

“Thanks to your previous discretion and success, I am able to issue a temporary bounty license as well as 7,000 Nuyen each upon capture of Junior- alive,” she emphasizes. “This needs to be done carefully and cleanly. There have already been far too many civilian casualties thanks to Junior’s machinations. Should you be unable to capture him alive, I can only offer half of the original reward. The city demands justice, not blood.”

[OOC]: Sorry for the extreme delay in posting the second portion of this. Two 60 hour weeks in a row have really sapped away my free time and energy.

Please respond and negotiate in character as soon as possible. I want to try and post some more late this afternoon or this evening. After tonight, I will be unavailable (no internet) until game time.

Second Run: Hiding in the Dark
Sometimes it's bad to be good.

Seattle. The Emerald Sprawl. It’s cold and wet, a light drizzle soaking the city to its bones. Even in augmented reality the glistening emerald green overlay of the city’s buildings seems to be soggy and miserable. It would be a great night to find a warm bar or club to relax at, or maybe just stay home and watch some trid. So of course, that’s when your commlinks beep.

You don’t recognize the number that pops up, but in your line of work that’s not unusual. Connecting the call, your vid screen shows the face of a brutish troll with massive steer-like horns looking at you.

“I got a job that might be up your alley,” the troll’s deep voice rumbles. “If you’re interested in hearing more, meet me at Reno’s on Battery and 4th in an hour.”

Detective Tosh Athack

Only days after successfully rescuing Dr. Fiona Craig and capturing Captain Jack Turner, the team finds themselves in high demand. Unfortunately that high demand seems to exclusively be from Knight Errant. When law enforcement is involved, one often finds himself a victim of his own success. A job is a job though, and it never hurts to have friends who can get you out of a bind.

[OOC]: Please respond with anything your character is doing in the few days between capturing Jack and when Tosh calls you again. How does your character respond to the call?

Datalog Mission 1

Dear Datalog,

So, i just got back from the run with my new chummers, Seems like it went fairly well. Aside from the fragger that thinks its a good idea to throw smoke grenades everywhere. Normally wouldnt bug me, except when theres drones around, cuz i cant see the fraggers astrally.

Aside from that, we rescued the babe, captured the bad guy for the coppers, made a new “friend” with the ADA, always useful to have someone who might be prosecuting you in your pocket, it is, and we found the stone too, and sold it back to the family. I wanted to know more about it, but the team just wanted to get it out of our hands.

Damn fragger and his smoke grenades. He keeps that shit up, I might find some way to get one in his pants and make smoke come out his ass.

Game Setup Session #2

Character: Chaos Mage (Utility focus)
Stats: 100% Complete
Story: As much of a story idea as you’re gonna get right now :D

Character: Street Sam
Stats: 100% Complete
Story: no story yet.

Character: Infiltrator
Stats: 100% Complete
Story: no story yet.

Character: Rigger
Stats: 70% Complete
Story: rough story idea

Character: Face
Stats: 100% Complete
Story: rough story idea

Character: Technomancer
Stats: 90% Complete
Story: rough story idea

Character: Summoner/Binder
Stats: 100% Complete
Story: rough story idea

Rough Session Outline:

7/31/2011 – 7:30pm EST – Session 1: Back In Business

8/14/2011 – 7:30pm EST – Session 2 (tentative)

Campaign Website:


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