Back Story

Back Story (suggested):

We need a rough outline of the character and who they are. This can be a series of bullet points outlining their life, what they like, hate, etc. A small paragraph or two would do as well. As long as there is something I can briefly look over to get an idea for how to incorporate an engaging element into the story for each character.

Dresden Files Method (optional addition):

Dresden Files suggests coming up with two short story seeds and passing them on to other players. The other players then come up with how they interacted with the situation. This should provide a little more detail into how your character interacts with the world and how we all know of each other.

There are 3 suggested methods to contribute to the interaction:

Complicating a situation: Your character manages to make things worse. There is no need to resolve the situation. Example: “Trying to save a suit, your character manages to tick off the local street gang.”

Solving a situation: Your character somehow solves a complication that the main character in the story has to deal with, or your character aides the main character in the central conflict. There is no need to describe how the situation was created, just how your character contributes to the solution. Example: “Your Street Sam covers the Technomancer’s body while he enters the matrix and disables the security.”

Complicating and solving: Your character either solves on situation, but creates another or creates a situation but later solves a different one. Mash up the two ideas, using the word “later” in between them. Example: “The Rigger uses his shop to provide a safe house for the main character. Later, the main character manages to compromise the Rigger’s matrix security when he jacks in from the safe house.”

Back Story

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