Dumpshock Seattle

Fortress Bellevue

Our Mark Worked and Lived in Bellevue. Fantastic. If KE didn’t get us, any one of the hundread corps operating in the area would have. Not to mention DocWagon or even the Mark himself.

Staging ahead of the run wasn’t an issue and that helped us get in. We cased the neighborhood in seperate groups and identified mundane and awakened patrols. Paul also scoured for information on the building security and hit a home run. Iron Horse security. Competant, serious and well trained, but it could have been much worse. Astral scouting by Tomb also showed little in the way of awakened security, and a drone fly-by didn’t pick up much radio traffic either.

We all went in seperately and met outside the target building. Aku and Dieter stayed outside while Paul, Zave and Tomb realized that Iron Horse employees are people with kids and mortgages. A nuyen infusion combined with some fast-talk from ‘yours truly’ got us on the elevator to the penhouse.

There’s a long line of people we won’t be hearing from again that have thought ‘I should have seen that ambush coming’. I count us as lucky not to be part of that group, but it was close. Coming off the elevator we realized the penthouse was empty, or so we thought. Dieter got his drone in to scout for the data we needed but nothing was wireless so it took a little longer than normal. In the mean time, we continued our reccy of the apartment, when we heard the elevator ‘Ding’. It was our mark. Before he put 2 and 2 together (and before we could get after him) Hatamoto poped up out of nowhere and used his sword to skewer him like a shishkabob. Goodbye 6000 Nuyen. I still don’t know where he came from, we cleared that entire apartment at least once. Either way, he wasn’t alone.

Tomb tried to subdue him with some kind of spell, but it all went pear shaped. Paul tried to shock Hatamoto into submission and got cut up in the process. Tthat was all before Hatamoto’s new running buddies joined him (also out of nowhere). One was a mage and the other looked like muscle. They were also ready for us. Tomb was cut-down by a hail of Stick-n-shock bursts and spells, and Paul managed to pop smoke and get out of dodge before the mage could finish him off. While all this was going on, two other things happened. Dieter finished the datasteal and the elevator dinged again.

It was like we all had signs on our back that said ‘Asshole. Shoot at me.’ It was SWAT, a bunch of them. Probably the same guys from the Rusty Stilleto, but I wasn’t waiting around to find out. While they opened up on Hatamoto and his new friends, I pulled Tomb to safety on the back balcony (a huge area including a swimming pool, hedges, and an 8 foot wall). Paul also made his way out onto the balcony and began climbing down the side of the building. As if things weren’t bad enough, the elevator ‘Dinged’ again. Tomb was barely conscious at that point, but he managed to get off a series of levitate spells that were able to bring us down to the street. Having retrieved the solution for the ‘Obsidian Puzzle’ and wiping the servers clean, Dieter recalled his drones and fired up the van. Tomb and I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes on the streets, so we were thankful for small miracles when Dieter picked us up.

Beat up, confused, and bleeding, we escaped ‘Fortress Bellevue’ knowing only one thing for sure: we completed half the mission objectives and could expect only half the cash from Arty. A bittersweet return for the risk, but at least we all made it.

As we headed back to the Barrens I couldn’t help but wrap my head around what happened. I could have sworn I saw Hatamoto’s group of runners fighting it out with Red Samurai before Tomb and I got out. Hatamoto I get, he was obviously trying to piggy back on our run with another group. But how did they appear out of nowhere? And Red Samurai? What were they doing there?

Cash our Nuyen and run it all up the flagpole I guess.



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